11 Morning Rituals That Can Change Your Life

Mornings are important times of our lives. If you start your morning off on the wrong way, you are already behind for the day. This means that we need to use the energy we have in the morning to get a better emotional state needed for the rest of the day. The following are 11 things that can help you start your morning off a little differently.

1. Drink a glass of warm lemon water

The lubricating effects of lemon water makes it an ideal drink to take every day in the morning. Making it warm prevents it from shocking your system. The drink will prepare your digestive system for the meals you will take during the day. The melon would also help in your body’s dehydration process. You could decide to add some honey to the drink to make it less sour.

2. Wake up earlier 

Do not snooze your alarm. Laying lazy in bed or going back to sleep past your wake up time makes things harder for you. Oversleeping makes you to have a difficult time getting out of bed and feeling awake all day. Furthermore, waking up earlier allows you more time to prepare for the rest of the day. Take about an hour and half before going out.

3. Scrape your tongue

We all know that tongue scraping is an efficient way of removing extra particles, especially those that cause bad breath. Scraping your tongue in the morning also helps you to transition from sleep to wakefulness every day. You need to find the right scraper to carry out this morning routine. Some toothbrushes have an in-built scraper.

4. Do a stretching routine

Waking up in the morning does not mean that all your body muscles have woken up and ready for the day ahead. You need to activate them by performing some stretches. Stretching activities in the morning help you kick-start your body’s energy levels. You can search for various workout systems and choose the one that resonate with you. Modify it to your own abilities. How long you spend stretching will depend on the time you have. You could decide to do it for just a few minutes.

5. Rebound 100 times

Use a mini-trampoline to rebound as many times as you can. This is an ideal exercise to perform every morning because it is zero impact and excellent for every level of physical fitness. This routine helps to stimulate lymph movement, boost drainage, and enhance your thyroid function.

6. Brushing your body dry

The practice of dry brushing your body in the morning in an Ayurvedic process that helps in improving your circulation and sloughing off dead skin cells. You should pay close attention to the areas close to your heart. Brush through all parts of your body before going to the shower. After the exercise, you will feel smoother. You should use a brush that works well as an exfoliator. Avoid rough brushes.

7. Listen to uplifting audiobook or music

Music is an important part of our lives and it will stay like that. Make it a routine to start your mornings with beautiful music or a motivational book as it will set you up for success. Good music in the morning gives you something to look forward to for the day, and establishes the right mindset to take on the day. You can choose the music you listen to depending on the type of day you wish to have.

8. Take green smoothie

After waking up early, brushing your teeth, scraping your tongue, rehydrating, stretching, rebounding, dry brushing the skin, showering, and listening to good music, you should consider nourishing your body with a refreshing green smoothie. The smoothie will likely be kale, spinach, or some other leafy green that is rich in minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients. This practice is beneficial in boosting your energy levels in the morning.

9. A few minutes of meditation

By this time, all the things you have done for the other part of the morning should be having a cumulative effect of happiness on your body. It is now time to relax and meditate. Meditation in the morning helps to prepare the mind for whatever thing that the day brings. You should identify one position that is comfortable for you for the meditation. You could also decide to listen to music while meditating.

10. Smile in the mirror

Smiling can do you a world of good. Doing it every day in the morning for 30 seconds can help boost your self-esteem. It helps to see a happy you reflected back in the mirror, especially in the morning when you are getting ready for the day. It can also help in calming down and re-centering if you’re feeling anxious or low.

11. Write out your top 3 for the day

You could be leading a busy life where many of the things you plan to do for the day go undone. To prevent this from occurring, you should have a list of three things that you ready want to do on every particular day. Commit yourself to ensuring that those things are done. Once you have developed a habit of getting the most important three things of the day done, you will have the confidence to go for bigger things.